Saturday, August 15, 2009

After spending a few hours catching bait we decided to pack the car and go for a road trip to camp and surf fish at Carlsbad State Beach. The conditions were a bit overcast with the sun poking out when we arrived. After wrestling with the tent we hiked down to the beach to fish.

I had brought along an assortment of bait including ghost shrimp, clams, mussel, sand crabs and grubs—I was loaded with bait and not to be denied!!

The long steps to the beach were fine and gave a beautiful view to the lay of the land. I hoped for some good fishing and knew that a good day in the surf would take the sting away from the climb back up hill

I sent baits here and there with just a few small bites. After sliding on a ghost shrimp I sent it out to sea and waited. In no time I was rewarded with a nice yellowfin croaker. It was nothing big but gave me hope for more.

Over the next two days I had good luck with many barred perch but none were too big. Although I looked, I didn’t see even one corbina sliding the beach. No sharks, rays or other fish what-so-ever.

In mid day I took it upon myself to dive the area and see if I could find fish and structure. Over the years I’ve enjoyed doing this so I get a better “lay of the land” and find the best places to cast from the fish’s perspective. I covered a large area—out to about 30 feet and up the coast ½ mile. To my amazement I didn’t see any fish.

In the surf line or beyond I did find some great rock and sand stone structure that usually holds fish between it’s rocks or under the eel grass. But it wasn’t until returning inside the surf line that I found my first fish. A large school of 200 walleye with all but two 10 inchers. The others must have been mom and dad—with dad about 15 inches and always keeping a BIG eye on me.

Carlsbad is a great place to camp and fish especially if you like doing the stair master to heaven!!

This upcoming week has some great morning and evening tides ( If you've noticed we have good tides about every two weeks). With nice highs and lows we should have both good bait collecting and fishing.

I look forward to seeing every0ne at this weeks upcoming on-the-beach seminar. If you couldn't attend check out my website for the next seminar--it's free and I guarantee you will learn something!!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

This week's surf fishing started off slow. Last week's huge surf sent the fish in every direction.

In hopes of finding fish I decided to take a trip down to Crystal Cove State Beach. The coast here is beautiful and full of life. Unfortunately, the fish were still scattered--and even though I saw a couple large corbina skirting the beach--they had no interest in what I had to offer.

Huge amounts of kelp lined the beach along with the biggest pile of mussel I've ever seen. The huge surf ripped these mollusks from the rocks and pushed them ashore. Mixed in with the kelp and mussel were dozens of lobster also killed by the surf. It's amazing to see the power of the ocean and the damage it can do.

Many folks (including myself) may believe that you can't fish at Crystal Cove because it is a marine protected area--but that couldn't be any farther from the truth. You may not collect bait, take shells or disturb the tide pools here, but fishing and diving for fish is highly encouraged.

The State Park system strives to encourage folks to come to their beaches and enjoy fishing. Speaking with several rangers they want to make fishing here much more popular. One reason may be to help show the group who is trying to close fishing through the MLPA process that closed areas are just wrong. The other reason may be because the MLPA will go through--and we better get our fishing in while we can.

To make matters worse, the Laguna Beach City Council just voted to ask the State to CLOSE their city's beaches to fishing and diving. The only member who voted against this ridiculous proposal was the mayor. I encourage you to send the city council an email, call them or stop by their offices to oppose this measure. As a state park ranger pointed out, it doesn't matter if you live in the city, the beach is for everyone!!

This upcoming week is sure to have some great fishing. We have some nice tides in both the morning and evening for fishing and catching bait. The corbina counts are back up this weekend so we should have a ripper this week.

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