Monday, April 23, 2012

April ends a nice month of surf fishing...

Finally the weather calmed down and the surf diminshed long enough to collect some bait and get down to the beach.

There has been some great bait to collect, mostly at low tide, with the exception of sand crabs that always seem easier to catch during a high tide. My box was full of clams, ghost shrimp, sidewinder and sand crabs. My hopes were high...

The day before going to the beach I collected bait and threw out a big ghost shrimp. In no time I felt a ripping bite. Fought this fish for a few minutes until I realized it was the biggest smelt I'd ever seen. This guy was so big I couldn't even stretch my arm out far enough to get the entire fish in the picture!

The next morning I made my way down to the beach and was surprised by how many 10-12" perch were waiting to bite.

It was time to head back to work but I had time to let one last fat shrimp hit the water. After a huge bite and rush of line this nice 20" corbina rolled up onto the sand.

Conditions will go down hill a bit this week as we prepare for another spring storm. Being a cut off low, this one will be a bit hard to predict but as long as we don't have too much swell and wind we should be ok. Weather reports call for a warming over the weekend--which is just in time to go catch them again!

Check out this beautiful stripped seaperch caught in Guadalupe by Paul Marshall. You don't see one of these every day. Thanks Paul!

A reminder about parking passes at the California State Parks: On May 1, 2012 the parking pass will go up from $125.00 per year to $195.00. So if you need a pass now is the time to get it before the annual rate goes up.

Also, I have finalized many of my on-the-beach seminars and will have all the details up on my site in a few days. You can find here under the "SEMINAR" tab:

If you have not already checked them out, take a look at our MLPA pages. I am working on them and adding information every day. You'll find maps on where to fish and not to fish, an explanation of what caused the closures (and it wasn't overfishing by you) and a question and answer with the CA Department of Fish and Game regarding the rules and implementation.

See you after the storm with a fish report that is sure to rock your world!


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