Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clams, mussel and ghost shrimp...

 Beautiful conditions this week forced me to get down to the beach to find some bait.  Still quite a few sand crabs at the beach but most fish have been looking for ghost shrimp, clams and mussel for lunch.  I went down to my favorite collection spot and found some great shrimp and just enough clams and mussel to hit the beach.

Along with a crazy looking albino ghost shrimp I also found a dead baby striped bass.  Last year was one of the best years ever for striped bass caught from Malibu to Newport Beach.  May this is their offspring--I sure hope so!

Found beautiful conditions at the beach with a nice morning high tide and a moderate swell.  Cast out my first shrimp and it wasn't long before a nice perch clamped on.

Minutes later a nice walleye made it in.  Quite a few bites from walleye and finally a hook stays put.

Just a few baits left and a nice perch jumps on the line for a good fight.

Over the next week you'll find some changing weather with a storm and some wind coming this way.  Very little tidal change will keep fishing this week a bit slow.  The following week we are back into some warm, calm weather and great tides.  Look for a big rebound in surf fishing the week of Nov. 12-18.

Check out this beautiful perch caught by Nathan down at Bolsa Chica State Beach.

And how about this Holloween lobster caught near boston--I might be too scared to eat this one...

Have a great week out there and catch some fish!

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