Friday, December 10, 2010

Super low tides early this week made catching bait a bit easier. Turned over just a few rocks to find crabs and clams, as the cold weather has not sent them into hiding yet. After having a good bite on the sidewinder last week it was time to try it again.

Nice conditions with medium surf and super light winds.
Here's a look at a few perch caught over the last week:

I've had some great perch fishing at this spot, so I pinned on the first crab and tossed it out. Bam, fish on:
A nice sized walleye surfperch

A few more barred surfperch right in a row:

This last guy was the big one at 14.5”. Great fight on this beautiful fish.

Time went by fast. As the tide began to suck out, the waves came up dramatically and it was time to go. It looks like this weekend should have some nice tides and it was good this evening to see that the surf has begun to calm down.

Next week we have some very small tide swings. That is not always bad, especially when the surf is small and you can fish close to the rocks at high tide and farther out when the tide is at its lowest. I would suggest rigging up with the Carolina Rig. Use a 1/2 to 3/4 ounce sliding sinker and the sharpest hook possible. Best baits right now are sidewinder crabs (to be used when fishing from or near rocks) lug/blood worms and grubs. Be sure to fish from 2 hours before to 2 hours after high tide and when it's low tide take some time to walk the beach and find the holes, line them up with something stationary, and come back at high tide and fish them. In most cases you'll find that fishing in those holes, troughs and dips is where the big perch will be.
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