Thursday, March 18, 2010

It was great to get back to the beach after weeks of storms. What a beautiful week it’s been with very little wind, hot beaches and calm seas.

Now that we’re in the dead of winter it’s a good time to break out the grub and G-crack and give it a try. I found some great sand conditions that create small rips that hide hungry perch.

Once I found the edge of the rip where the fish were a couple little guys jumped on. Both grub and Gcrack worked.

A little later it was back to the slider grub and some bigger fish slid to shore.

Before leaving the beach it was good to see someone’s luck was worse than mine. It’s never good driving on the beach, especially when it’s low tide!

This week should have some great surf fishing. The tides starting in the middle of the week all the way through the end of March will be perfect for fishing. It looks like we will also have a nice stretch of weather for the next 10 days. As long as the swell stays down there will be some great fishing. Hope you have a chance to get down there--there's no time like the present!!

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