Saturday, July 2, 2011

Before I can give my lowly fish report I have to give major props to my fishing buddy Brad for catching the fish of a lifetime!

At 9:05 pm on June 30th he hooked and landed a 40lb Striped Bass at Corona Del Mar (as in the beach next to Newport). Using a 1000 series reel and 6lb test he landed the fish in about 15 minutes. He was fishing with a strip of squid on the Carolina rig.
The fish measured 44” long and 24” wide and was only 16lbs short of the IGFA 6lb class record caught of Massachusetts. Wow, in all the years I’ve been surf fishing I’ve never seen a striper anywhere close to this and to be able to catch a fish this size in the surf is absolutely amazing. Good job Brad!

Update: Brad just sent me this message about the fish:
"Close scrutiny of the stomach contents revealed good information on the forage this beast was pursuing...
This Monster was chowing almost exclusively on CRUSTACEANS!
Several thin shrimp 2" to 3" in length, (not ghost shrimp) but almost everything else was remnants of SIDEWINDERS!
In the sizes that we fish for the BIG PERCH!"

Awesome Dude!!

Ok, Here’s my lame report. Sand crab catching has been amazing around Huntington. There are not only about a billion crabs but many are soft and in the perfect stage for pitching. Went down to the beach in the evening and then back in the morning.

Had some good bites for small perch

Followed by some large yellowfin

Only saw one corbina in the swash—but I don’t care cause I’ll be back down there tomorrow to finish my business!

Have a great 4th !

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