Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thanks to all the folks who came down for the Bolsa Chica State Beach seminar last weekend. We had a great time thanks to Bolsa Bill and the entire state beach staff. Also, thanks again to Big Fish Tackle in Seal Beach who help sponsor the bait for our events.

This week saw some great tides so it was time for me to go down to the bay and catch some bait. Had no problem making 30 beautiful 2-3 inch ghost shrimp. I like to soak them in cold salt water for one or two days before using them as it helps them to firm up and make the even livelier!

I rigged up with the Carolina rig and a very small egg sinker and made a few casts between pumping shrimp. In no time I hooked into this beautiful spotfin.

The next morning I made my way to the beach and was greeted by medium surf and clear water conditions. First few casts a nice barred perch and a big walleye…

Then while reeling in to change bait a big yellowfin croaker crushed my shrimp and after a good fight came to shore…

Just a few baits left and time for a nice fish. Had a soft tug at first then just the freight train pulling away from the station with this hefty corbina.

On a side note took the day off from the beach today and went to the mountains to catch a few small mouth bass before winter sets in. Beautiful sunrise and some nice fish…

This next week has some decent tides but the following week, with its big tide swings and new moon will provide some great fishing opportunities. Think about switching your baits now to ghost shrimp, clams, grubs and worms.
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