Friday, October 23, 2009

When my son came home from surf practice and told me that a girl on his surf team had cut her face on the bottom I wasn’t surprised—you know that happens with surfing. But when he told me she cut it on clams a light went off in my head. After dropping him off at school, I went down to the beach and noticed that millions of tiny clams were everywhere.

I pride myself with being a somewhat quick learner so I went down and collected some littleneck clams for bait.

The surf has been up, and eventhough there were some breaks between sets, a few double overhead waves still crashed to shore

I slipped on the clam. Took my first cast and I was on. I don’t think my bail was over before this yellowfin jumped on.

Here’s a couple more. I tried other baits: sand crabs, crack and even a sidewinder crab with no bites. It was all on the clam and for this farmer (lost a few there) almost wide open.

In between yellowfin were a few monster hits and a couple nice spotfin in the 20” range.

Let’s hope the big surf doesn’t last too long and that I can find a few more clams to feed the fish.

This upcoming (Holoween) week has some great tides that will begin to develop in the middle of the week and last into the first week of November. If you can find sand crabs try them, maybe for the last time this season. Still a few nice corbina out there with the spotfin bite getting better every day on the clam.
I can't wait to take another shot at the beach next week--until then good surf fishing!!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

After being away from the beach in the backwoods of Colorado, I was really jones’n to get on down to the beach and do some surf fishing. The weather was beautiful with a bit of fog and no wind. Small surf and just a few surfers awaited me.

I had made bait the day before and had a nice selection of ghost shrimp, littleneck clams and mussel.

The surf was small so I downsized to a 1/2oz slider on my Carolina rig and pitched a shrimp into the surf. In no time I was on with this nice perch--One of several who couldn’t seem to resist the ghost shrimp.

Between a few shovelnose sharks I landed a couple small leopard sharks. I love these small guys because they always seem to jump once or twice during the fight.

Some time passed between the action and I’m always reminded to be patient and wait for the bite. This time I got slammed hard and I knew I was on to a nice fish. It’s good to see that there’s a few corbina left now that summer’s over.

The water is still warm locally with a slight south swell still pushing clean warm water up the coast. It's hard to know what will happen this week with the coming storms. If we don't have a total blow out we may have some great fishing because of next week's great tides.

Now's the time to get down there and catch the last sand crabs and corbina before winter sets in. I'll be looking for them all next week and hope to see you down there too!!

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