Friday, January 27, 2012

Rain gave way to sunshine this week so it was time to go down to the beach and make some bait. The surf has been up lately but today it has begun to subside and provided for some good conditions.

Went down to my favorite mud hole and made some bait. Ghost shrimp and sidewinder crabs were plentiful. Also found this cool sea slug. Didn't forget that I also had a pocket full of grubs knowing how vicious perch can be this time of year for the plastic. It was extremely cold and I had to wear gloves. Turns out that they worked out well with the sidewinders—pinch away boys!!

Started out with ghost shrimp and immediately hooked into a couple nice walleye perch…

Switched to the sidewinder and it wasn’t long until a couple palm sized and then larger perch crushed the bait.

Hooked on my last large shrimp and threw it out into the current. Bammmm...Another big perch.

This weekend we'll see the swell diminish and strong Santa Ana wind conditions. Even though we don’t have a great pattern of tides this upcoming week there should still be some good fishing--'cause fish get hungry and when the surf is up it’s hard to eat!

I’ve been working on my MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act) pages for They should be up and completed in a couple of weeks. You will find an explanation of this fiasco and pages including question and answers from the DFG and a complete overview of the closures including where you can and can not fish. You can visit the page by clicking here

Our store now offers the official laminated MLPA closure maps. There are three maps in all and you can check them out in our store. Hope you have a great weekend out there and catch a bunch of fish!