Sunday, August 19, 2012

Warm Weather Means it's Time for the Beach!

The weather has been so hot this last week all I could think about was getting down to the beach to catch some fish.  Went down early and sucked up a handful of ghost shrimp.

Headed down to the beach first to try for a croaker of some kind while the tide was still medium low.  Set up with the carolina rig with a 6lb flourocarbon leader and a fresh ghost shrimp.  Although I still see a giant quantity of sand crabs I've been getting less and less hits each day on them as most fish are sick of gorging on the spring favorite.

After a couple of bites and no fish one finally hangs on.  Up the beach slides this nice spotfin.

After a few more casts and now bites I decided that it was time to make my way down to the rocks because the tide had finally filled in.   Any rock structure including jetties and harbor entrance can be good on a rising tide.  As the water fills in it also washes bait off the rocks and fish come in close to feed.

Climbed out on the rocks and had a blast with several of these:

Seems like big perch have been here all year--not just seasonally pregnant--but biting big fish for sometime now!

Check out Jack's spotfin for earlier this week...
The upcoming week has some great conditions.  A dark moon will make fishing during the day productive and the water temp continues to climb.  A tropical depression off Cabo will bring even more swell and warm water to the area so look for corbina fishing to turn red hot in the next week or two.

Our next on-the-beach seminar will be September 15 at Bolsa Chica.  During the clinic we will concentrate on how to rig and hook live baits like ghost shrimp, sand crabs, worms and more.  Be sure to sign up as soon as the event comes open (around Sept 1st) because I guarantee you, fishing is going to be epic!


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