Saturday, July 31, 2010

After what seems like weeks of work, my buddy Ken dragged me away from my desk to do some surf fishing. We started by picking up some ghost shrimp at Big Fish Tackle in Seal Beach. We then made our way down to Bolsa Chica to make some sand crabs. We found a lot of crabs and a lot of wind too.

It was one of those evenings at the beach where the wind was so strong you had to use a 3/4th or 1 ounce slider on your Carolina and then walk with your line down the beach. For the first few casts, not even a bite. Then our first fish, a nice perch.

A couple of perch later it was game on. Several Leopard Sharks:

Several Guitar Fish (loved the colors on this one)

Then came the corbina:

Followed by the Spotfin:

Then finished off by the Yellowfin just before sunset:

It was a great evening at the beach with a beautiful sunset that finished off the day:

Interesting conditions: Heavy wind, small surf and luke-warm water. It also seems that the full moon as usual has led to a better bite in the afternoon. Even though we dressed like it was March—and cool it was—the fishing was great and bound to get better!

Now it's Saturday (7/31/10)and after collecting a good amount of sand crab during the afternoon high tide it was off to the beach. The wind was calm and the water crowded with surfers.

My fishing buddies and I started out with a few grubs to see what wanted to bite. A few Walleye were willing to play.

Then came the barage of corbina on the sand crab presented on the Carolina Rig. Six corbina a couple of perch and a few sharks later it was time to head back home for some rest.

This upcoming week has some great evening tides for fishing. It's hard to know how big the surf is going to get but it's small now--All good signs that fishing next week will again be great. The following week has astronomical tides which always guarantee good bait collecting, good scouting tides and great fishing..
Hope to see you down there or at my next seminar in August at Carlsbad State Beach...
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Having just returned from a long trip of bringing a boat up the Baja coast from La Paz (now I know why the call it the Baja Bash!) it was time to get back down to the beach and do some surf fishing. My first stop was Big Fish Tackle to pick up some of their “roid” ghost shrimp. The surf had finally flatted out and it looked like fishing might finally pick up.

If the fish could make it past the gauntlet of death provided by the nine rods of the meat farmers maybe I’d have a chance.

Every bait had bites and as usual I lost a few and farmed even more! There were a few palm sized barred perch

A small leopard shark

And a lonely walleye

Lucky for me a corbina too!

It looks like the sun will come out this weekend, and with the surf small; we should have some great fishing. I’m looking forward to your reports to get me stoked to go down next week in search of the monster corbina.

In the upcoming week we have some great tides and if the surf stays small we should have some great days (both morning and evening) for fishing and catching bait.

To everyone who will be attending this week's seminar at Crystal Cove State Beach I look forward to seeing you catching fish on the sand! See you there....