Friday, April 19, 2013

The last couple of weeks included days of wind and days of fog. Fog always being better than wind! Water temps are still warm for this time of year and the wind, which mainly came from the southwest, has not pushed temps down.
The most amazing thing at the beach right now is just how many sand crabs are bedding down. Huge beds with every imaginable size of crab are appearing everywhere! So now that crabs are here it can’t be much longer until corbina are on their way…
I like to fish areas with rock structure this time of year (especially those that shield me from the wind). Using ghost shrimp, blood worms and sand crabs we had a great bite on perch…

And cabezon

Check out this sand crab—egg filled and ready to go!

A special WOW goes out to Arthur and Peter on the incredible halibut they caught and released last week!

This upcoming week has some great surf fishing and bait catching tides. Look for the first signs of corbina this week. There are such huge ridges of sand crabs on many orange county beaches that a good time to fish will be in the evening on the rising tide. There should be plenty of sand crabs there but I’d bring some extra bait just in case.

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