Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cruised down to my mud hole and picked up some bait for fishin.’

Had a jolly time reporting poachers fishing inside a closed area—and I hope this works to finally rid OC of the kind of people who took more than 1,000 ghost shrimp to sell to the market. The place I once collected them has been completely decimated and now they have moved on to fishing inside a closed area with snagging rigs. It’s nice to know that they now will become the victim of a dragnet that includes state police, fish and game and regional biologists. Adios amigos!!

The clam and ghost shrimp seemed to work best this week with a nice bite on perch, yellowfin croaker and a lonely corbina.

Fished the Carolina rig with great luck under some super high tides and pea soup fog. I don’t know where the spotfin were this week—but they’ll be back—and I’ll be waiting!!

Took a few minutes to fish the BC inlet, and although fishing was slow, there were thousands of smelt. One was almost 24” long! If you’re looking to find halibut I’d try the LC and Rapalla there first as the butts are sure to be underneath looking for food.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend--posting some good reports to keep us stoked about the fishing… Thanks to everyone who gave me some good tips on fishing my way down Baja. Just a few days left before we leave. I can’t wait!!!

Great tides again throughout next week--and really, this whole month. Grubs and natural baits are working great right now. Look for sidewinder crabs to be the bait of choice in December or whenever the water finally cools. I've seen large schools of spawning smelt so I've got to believe halibut fishing must be great. Take a trip down to the beach with the rapalla or lucky craft and track them butts down--it's sure to be fun!!