Sunday, June 3, 2012

It was so nice to get back home from my trip and do some long awaited fishing. First, I decided to go down to the beach in the evening and collect sand crabs for bait. The number of crabs out now is just phenomenal. In just a few minutes I made bait and it was time to do a bit of fishing.
From my first bait to my last, a bite every time. The surf was full of perch, sharks, yellowfin croaker and a lonely corbina.

After leaving the beach I put my sand crabs in a cool dry place and got my equipment ready for the morning. I know there would be a medium-sized high tide in the morning so I wanted to get to the beach early to catch the upcoming tide as it filled in over the crab beds.

Took a few steps onto the beach and was greeted by my friend Bill who was well into a fish and about up to his neck in surf as he tried to land her. After a good 10 minute fight she slid up onto the beach. Nice job Bill !!!

Nice Job Bill...

My skin was crawling as I tried to pin on a bait and cast it out. Once my bait hit the water it began to follow the current and as my line straightened out it went tight and with a hard pull I was on. After a good fight a nice spotfin came ashore…
Within a few moments my buddy Ken went bendo and he too was on and fighting up and down the beach. After wrestling with a bit of kelp he brought this sargo to shore. She weighed around 3lbs and was one of the biggest I’d ever seen in the surf. Way to go Ken…
Ken's Sargo
It was back to concentrating on fishing now and as my line went tight again in the current I felt a pull, a second pull then off went the freight train again. Another spotfin makes it to shore. Ken does a good job here as my model….

The morning seemed to go like that with fish being caught all down the beach. On my way back to the car I ran into another friend. Joyce had just landed her first and surely biggest, spotfin ever. Good job Joyce !!

Great fish Joyce...
 Wow, it’s really good down there now. Imagine this; In the last two days we have caught: Barred surfperch, walleye perch, corbina, spotfin croaker, sting rays, yellowfin croaker, sargo and leopard sharks. That’s what I call going off!

I have just opened up the registration for the June 16th Bolsa Chica Surf Fishing Clinic.  Sign up fast as it will fill quickly.

Next week offers some great morning and afternoon bites and bait making tides.  My advice:  Go every day---it's going to be great!

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