Saturday, February 5, 2011

Twice this week I had a chance to get down to the beach so I picked up some crabs and clams and headed on down. The conditions were calm with breaking clouds and warm sunshine.

I clamped on the crab and tossed it out. Three nice barred surfperch jumped on the line.

Had a few bites on the clam but just small fish with an attitude.

Went down the next morning and used the crab again.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and after a few casts with no bites came a another slab on sidewinder crab.

This weekend and upcoming week have some great tides, light winds and clear skies. Once again, we might be pounded by a few days of big surf but that has not put much of a damper on the bite. Keep trying the natural baits like sidewinders, clams and ghost shrimp. Artificials like grubs and hardbaits (lucky craft and rapalla) will all work well. I find that the best tide to perch fish is right around the high tide. For halibut fishing the peak times would be just around the low and high peak tides when the water rests during slack tide.

Have fun, tight lines, calm winds and good fishing!

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