Friday, April 13, 2007

Surf Fish Update

Almost had to put myself in the sand spike yesterday to keep from being blown away!

Yesterday was one of the windiest days I can remember in a long time. Coupled by this week's unprecedented south swell--it might take a day or two for the fishing to recover. South swells, like the one this week originating off the South American coast, usually hit our shores in July, August and September. They are very rare in April--but this year's weather has been very strange.

When the swell first hit this week it brought warm water up from the south and raised the water temp two degrees to 61. Yesterday's wind did the exact opposite by churning up cold water and lowering the temp back to 59. Wow, that was a short summer!

For those of you fishing in the HB Slam this weekend you should have some good tides and fairly calm conditions. I still think the surf will be up a bit so be sure to use a bit heavier (3/4 to 1ounce) egg sinker on your carolina rig. If you have time today go down at low tide and look for the inshore holes. Scout out where you are going to fish tomorrow by finding the troughs where the fish will be hinding from the swell and current.

Days like this week and yesterday in particular are a great time to go down to the rocks at a minus tide and collect some bait for the weekend or for freezing for later use.

Good luck if you fishing in the "Slam"--for me I'll be on a surf fish road trip looking for calm seas and big fish! I'll report back Sunday with the results!
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