Thursday, December 13, 2007

Perfect Conditions for Surf Fishing...

Once the rain and wind of last week subsided we had beautiful calm days this week at the beach.

With almost no surf to speak of it was a challenge to find areas of moving water. One of the best places to start is near a local jetty. Find the area where rock meets sand and look for unsettled water. Fish like to hide and they don't like to work for food. That's why they generally hide in areas of foam, rocks and cloudy water.

They also will search for current. Today as the high tide peaked, water then began rushing off shore and made a small cloudy channel. In the middle of this mess and along the sides we had some great luck on perch and yellowfin croaker.

The best baits today were sidewinder crabs, mussel and frozen sand crabs. My friend "Mistah Sidewinder's" giant perch was taken on a large sidewinder rock crab.

This weekend looks good with warm weather and small surf. Because the water is so clear look for areas of moving water, rip tides, etc. These areas will be holding fish. Next week we have some pretty lame tides and a storm.

If you're like me and looking ahead to the Christmas week (when we all may be able to ditch for a few hours and go to the beach) we have some great conditions with a couple of the lowest tides of the year. If the weather cooperates it will be epic. Just look at the pics above and you know you should be at the beach!

Here's a look at the sidewinder crab and how to hook it.

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