Saturday, October 11, 2008

This week started with warm days and calm seas and ended with big surf and the blustery winds of fall.

At the first of the week the surf was large and created strong current that made fishing a bit difficult. I guess it was a real test in patience having to wait for the right time to cast and fish between swells. Fishing from the rocks was especially challenging as the waves, even at low tide, crashed upon the rocks.

Until the water really turns cold and I switch to artificials I will keep using the clam, mussel and sand crab for bait. Because the surf was big this week I decided to fish a rocky area that had some protection from the swell.

Whenever I’m fishing on or near the rocks I like to use the Carolina Rig with a very light-sliding sinker (1/4thoz). This allows me to get my bait very close to the rocks and not get snagged. I always hide the tip of my hook inside my bait (which is soft anyway) so it has less chance to snag also.

When the surf and current are strong fish will hug the rocks for protection. This is where I started to fish, right down in the rocks. On the first cast using clam--a small opal eye perch.

There were a few barred perch around and every one was about palm sized.

My next bait scooted around the edge of the rocks and blam—yellowfin croaker on!

It was a bit slower this week and you had to be more patient than usual to find the best time and place to catch fish. It looks like there will be a big swell from Hurricane Norbert that will bring warm water from the south but make fishing south beaches tough. Next week promises some great tides both for fishing and collecting bait. Hopefully, by then the surf will back down and let us get back to some good ol’fishin’.

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