Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fishing this week was no less than a challenge. Wind, rain, floods, ok no floods but rough weather and curdled water made the fish hard to find. After waiting the weather out I gave it a shot on Thursday and had a good day. In the morning the tides weren’t quite right but the wind was warm and offshore. Waited until the afternoon to catch the upcoming high tide and of course the wind changed direction and blew 12 knots!

I went back again to the clams and mussel on the Carolina rig. Even though it was tough to fish and feel bites in the wind I did manage a few fish. I fished at an area where rocks meet sand and used a 1oz-sliding sinker to keep my bait on the bottom.

My first few casts netted me a couple micro yellowfin croaker. Boy, would these make good yellowtail bait!

Then I hooked into a few nice sized perch.

After loosing a nice fish I hooked into this guy. Here are a couple different angles. Because it’s spawning time I placed her carefully back in the water so she could tend to the kids…

We are waiting to see if the big wind is going to setup on Sunday as expected. I sure hope not! Even with the wind, once it’s over the tides are great this upcoming week with a nice high tide in the morning and a good bait catching low tide in the afternoon. I really think the surf fishing will continue to be good as we make the transition to winter. We’ve already seen some huge spawning perch this past week so it looks like we’re in store for a fantastic bite over the next two months.

Hopefully, this weekend we’ll have some light winds, a bit cleaner water and some good luck back at the beach!

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