Wednesday, December 2, 2009

After weeks of tortuous seas I’m finally back from my trip down the coast of Baja to the port of La Paz. My ship mates forced me to fish almost every day offshore but I did get two afternoons of surf fishing in along the way. Our first stop was Magdalena Bay.

Inside the point I paddled to shore on the kayak and headed up the point. It was lucky the south swells were down as this beach can have some pounding shore break. I decided to start out with 6lb mono and the lucky craft. In no time I was on to my first fish--one of many 5-8lb yellowtail caught from the surf.

Over the next hour it was a fish almost every cast with needle fish filling in between. Some casts there had as many as 20 needle fish following my bait. Every so often they would be scared away by something huge and new fish would jump on my line.

That evening we set again to the open ocean and made our way down to San Jose Del Cabo. As we waited for the mechanics to fix our motor I had a chance to fish this beach near the harbor.

As the sun began to go down the bite picked up. Here I decided to use heavier line and a bit larger spinning reel. Casting the 3/4th ounce mackerel kroc rewarded me with some quality fish including this 15lb rooster.

Other fish keep jumping on until dark.

Once I get the pictures and video organized I will post a report of our entire trip. Thanks to the folks who gave tips and words of encouragement!

This week, and going through the weekend, we have some great tides for both fishing in the morning (at high tide) and collecting bait at low tide in the afternoon. Now that the surf has subsided the water will become cleaner and the fish should return to their structure areas.

I'll be out in the local waters later this week and will post a new report with whatever I find--until then tight lines and good fishing...

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