Sunday, May 9, 2010

The conditions settled down nicely this week and I had a chance to do some fishing before Saturday's seminar.

I've seen small sand crab beds on the beach for a couple of weeks so I know it's time for the fish to start keying in on that bait. I started looking at high tide and in no time I found a great bed of crabs and had plenty for the weekend.

The surf has been small this week but was coming from the Southwest and doing a good job of pushing warm water up the line. Two weeks ago the water had dropped to 54 and now has recovered to 61.

I found some small rips that were forming just off the beach and cast the crabs into them. The trough beneath the waves had a side current and would pull my bait down the beach. As I followed it would suddenly stop--and wham--game on!

Many 10-12" perch and bites every cast.

With the exception of the "one that got away" they were all perch.

Saturday's seminar was a great success with many perch, yellowfin croaker and a couple corbina being caught. Thank you everyone who came, we really had a great time. Don't forget to keep you eye out for the next on-the-beach seminar--it's sure to fill fast!

Congratulation to Jacki on catching her first Corbina!! WOW, what a fish, great job and keep catching'em!
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