Saturday, May 14, 2011

Over the winter the large amount of rain washed away many of my best bait spots. A friend told me about a spot in the bay where he kept seeing guys collecting bait so I thought I'd give it a try. I'd had heard a rumor of good fishing there too so I took my rod and hoped for the best.

Behdad with a nice spotfin.

Using an 8' rod matched with a 2500 spinner filled with 6lb mono I cast out with the greatest of hope.

Here were my rewards for two days of fishing (it was crazy good!!)

Corbina, Yellowfin Croaker, Spotfin Croaker, Halibut and Turbot--All fish were caght on the carolina rig. When you are fishing in a bay where there is very little current be sure to use a very light sinker and a 20"' to 30" leader. If you find an area with much more current go with a heavier sinker and shorter leader.

Because fish group in places like troughs and holes I always cast out then begin to walk slowly down shore (about 1 step every 30 seconds) and slowly drag my bait over a larger area. After walking 100 feet I cast out again and start over.

For me, bay fishing has always been best in the spring and fall. It seems that may be when the fish that hide inside calm water in winter make it out and back into the bay.

Next week holds some great morining high tides. Look for good corbina fishing and good crab catching. I would fish about 2 or 3 hours before the high tide and try for corbina that are sliding up with each successive wave to eat crabs.

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