Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just as expected, last week had some very sorry tides with little water movement and sleepy fish.  The good news seemed to be the small surf and warm weather.  This week and moving into next week we have some great tides and a chance for both good surf fishing and bait catching.

Took a few minutes to go down to my favorite bait spot, sucked up a few ghost shrimp and wrestle with a dozen sidewinder crabs.
On Sunday I decided to cover the beach from Newport to Seal Beach and was greeted at sunrise with thick wet fog.  Within the hour it cleared up and was a beautiful day.

First cast--Great Scott! -- a yellowfin croaker

At each spot we had a decent pick on medium sized barred surfperch.  Nothing big or exotic today—just a great day on the beach.


This upcoming week, weekend and early next week have some great tides for fishing.  This time of year it always seems that you have your best luck fishing at high tide.  The one exception may be at the peak low tide when fishing for halibut.   The rest of the time you are looking for perch and croaker who like feeding near shore in the inshore trough.

I like to find a minus-tide day and take a trip down to my local beach for a walk.  This is when I have a chance to find the holes and troughs that have been carved out by the surf.

Knowing that these spots are the best places to fish I turn toward shore and line them up with something permanent. 

When high tide returns, I come back to the beach, line myself up with my landmark and fish those holes and troughs.  By doing that you will have a much better shot at catching fish and spend a lot less time looking for them.

Provided this great weather keeps up fishing may get even better.  Just three years ago we had a similar dry winter making the spotfin croaker fishing at the beach the best in years.  In fact, one day I caught two at once!  One was hooked and an even larger spotfin was following and got tossed up on the beach by a wave.  Just before letting them go it made for the great picture (the hook and bait were still in the small fish!)
Tight lines and good fishing,

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