Friday, December 22, 2006


It was no less than freezing cold at sunrise today. With the cold air and the cool winds blowing offshore don't forget to bundle up if you're heading down.

While everyone is busy with their holiday shopping and parties the surf fishing still remains great. The water has cooled a bit into the high 50's and is slightly murky from the recent storm. But with that said, there is still a great bit on perch in the surf. Now that the water is cooler the larger spawning perch will be filling in the inshore holes.

A good bait now is the small 1 1/2 grub, lug worms and if you froze any last summer, sand crabs. Today the fishing was very good with bites almost every cast. This weekend we'll have some good morning tides. It will be high tide early with a receding tide toward mid day. These are great tides for perch and yellowfin croaker as the outgoing tide helps to put your bait right in their holes. The swell is small and forcasted to stay that way. Take some time to go down and surf fish this weekend. Early next week, mon and tues, we'll have some OK tides, with the best tides returning over the New Year weekend and into the first week of January.

Watch out for sharks!
A quick report came in this morning from the Venice and Santa Monica beaches. Fishing has been a bit slow in those areas due to large amounts of sea weed. Fish don't like sea weed and trash in their water. I will usually move to another area or look for some structure like a rock jetty that will provide some protection from these nuances. Check out the leeward side of a jetty (the side opposite the swell direction) for an eddy area. This area maybe free from kelp and the moving water will attract fish as an area to hide and feed.
Good fishing and I'll see you at the beach...
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