Sunday, December 31, 2006


Happy New Year!

One day in fishing can be like a lifetime. Yesterday the surf was as flat as a lake. In fact, many people today remarked at how small it was. Today was another story!

The surf was 4-6feet and rising with the fall in tide. Check out the surf at Huntington Pier.

A strong West swell is wrapping around Palos Verdes and pounding the south OC coast. A good plan when the surf is up this time of year is to move to Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, Long Beach and Cabrillo. These beaches are protected by the penninsula so the swell is much smaller.

Because of the surf and surge fishing was slow with only a few nice barred perch.

This week through next Sunday you'll find some of the best tides of the year. Great morning high tides all week and some very low-low tides--good for fishing near edges where rock meets sand using 1 1/2" curley tailed grubs like the one in the picture above.

Have a great New Year and we'll see you at the beach!
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