Friday, January 19, 2007

Gentle offshore breezes and warm sun on our backs greeted us at the beach this morning.

The water was flat calm with the hint of oncoming winds in the outside Chanel. You could see the ripple coming toward the beach but it didn't become an onshore breeze until 10am. The water is still a bit murky from the wind and swell but should clear up in the next week with good and somewhat warmer weather on the way.

The fishing has been slower over the past three weeks with today an average day. Had a fairly consistent pick on the 8-10inch perch but no big bites. Because I went to the beach yesterday at low tide I had a good look in the area where the inshore troughs were. One of my favorite spots had only a few feet of the trough remaining. At another spot the trough was legendary(here's a pic) but no fish were biting.

To help improve our odds we walked a good distance on the beach and found some good pockets of perch. This weekend and next week have some great tides. It's also going to be an interesting time to go to the jetties or other rock areas for some good minus tide perch fishing.
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