Friday, January 12, 2007


In a word: Cold!

Thanks John for this great picture of the Ventura sunset.

The wind has been blowing for the last week and really churning up the water. Although the surf has been smaller this week the winds have helped to slow the bite down.

Orange County, the South Bay and Ventura have all had some bad fishing weather, and coupled with the small tide changes, has made for a slow week of surf fishing.

Next week promises to be better with some great tides starting on Sunday and a bit warmer weather. Ten day weather perdictions are calling for another offshore wind event next week and good water conditions with swell size decreasing to less that two feet by Wednesday.

This is the time of year we begin to catch some of the biggest perch of the season. As the winds diminish look for the water to clean up and the fishing to get much better. Once we get back into the traditional weather pattern of rain and then sun look for some great days of fishing--especially just before each storm as the high pressure moves out and the low pressure comes ashore.

Check out a great link:
WETSAND -- for current conditions and predictions for swell size, wind, weather and more.

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