Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday's early morning weather was a bit surprising with a cool 8knot wind coming out of the Northwest. The water had turned over and was a bit green, but with the small swells and very little moon it looked like fishing would still be good.

As I walked and walked without a bite, it seemed strange to me that the fish had suddenly disappeared. There was no large swell or commercial netter, no big winter run off and certainly no real reason why I wasn't catching fish.

Well not until I saw our friend the sea lion. You know I still don't know why they are called that. They certainly don't look or act like a lion. They are more like a slug with whiskers--looking for the next meal.

And being just 30 feet off the beach the next meal was every perch in the inshore trough he could catch. No wonder they weren't biting--they were swimming for their lives! I took a few minutes and tried to reason with the slippery guy but he kept moving down the trough munching along the way.

Fed up with the company I moved on knowing that Sunday through Wednesday have some of the best tides of the year. And also knowing--that the next time I go down the the beach--I may not be alone!
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