Friday, March 16, 2007

Today we were greeted by a heavy fog, a light breeze and two to four foot surf.

I first fished HB's dog beach, and although there was a nice trough, no bites. I worked my way up to the new Huntington Beach jetties. Fishing was very slow and I didn't see even one of the seven guys on the rocks catch a fish.

There have been some good reports from the jetties and the conditions looked good. There is so much new rock there that once the mussels and crabs get established it will be incredible.

I fished the jetties today at high tide going low. It seems that it might be best from low tide to high tide--thus pushing the fish into the tidal basin to feed. But fishing is mere speculation and a lot of luck.

I then moved to about seven miles south and had a steady pick on the ten inch perch. The green grub with flake or the motor oil were working the best.

This weekend and early next week look like great times to go surf fishing. The swell is dropping, there have been light winds and the tide is high in the morning and evening.

I think we should see crabs in the next couple of weeks. Until then we'll keep using the small plastics and having fun.

Thanks to my friends for helping at the Fred Hall Show and THANKS to you for stopping by. We had a good time at the seminars and taught hundreds of folks how to enjoy the light-line setup. I heard so many great stories and learned some new stuff to help us catch more fish--I'll be posting it soon!

Thanks again!

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