Saturday, March 24, 2007

Friday, March 23, 2007

By the time I remembered I had left my camera at home it was too late.

It seems like every time I go down to the beach I see something different--something that I have never seen before.

Looking out to sea there seemed to be disturbance in the surf. Huge boils were forming and splasing came and went. I saw a fin stick out of the water and for a second I assumed it was a sea lion. Then more boils and splashing and suddenly I saw the spray of a whale's spout.

A huge gray whale was in 8feet of water and I thought for sure it was caught in a gill net and trying to escape. It resurfaced again with a huge boil and splash but this time there were two plumes from whale spouts. The whales were interlocked and rolling in the surf toward shore. An incredible sight. I thought for sure they were wrapped in a net, when all of a sudden they broke apart after this five minute battle, and swam away in opposite directions.

Gray whale mating season must be here--and it's happening in the surf!

The water was still a bit mixed up from the recent surf and wind. The swell has dropped and the wind has begun to calm down. I went to fish at noon during the high tide and found in North Huntington that the bite was ok with an occasional 10inch perch. I fished the motor oil, olive green and olive with silver flake grub at the end of the carolina rig.

Look for better morning high tides to return next week. In the meantime, try areas where rocks meet sand for your best lowtide chances. Some good areas are near the marinas, El Segundo/El Porto Jetties, Topaz Jetty, Huntington Jetty and the RAT beach area, just to name a few. Also, we have an upcoming grunion run (no take run) at the end of next week that will provide some opportunities for halibut fishing--As the butts invade the beach looking to eat any unsuspecting grunion.

Went out, one more time before the season was over and caught a few bugs. As you can see we used a boat and nets--no surf fishing here!
Thanks Ed and Warren for your expertise!
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