Tuesday, May 8, 2007

It was so beautiful today that I almost felt guilty for ditching work. But after the first few perch, all guilt was gone!

Today the conditions in north Huntington Beach were picture perfect. Flat glass seas, small surf and clean water. I fished during the morning low tide and had a good look at where the holes are once the high tide returns.

As has been the case over the winter, most fish were in schools and I had to walk a bit to find them. A friend on the beach told me that earlier he saw two large corbina stalking crabs near the Bolsa Chica jetty. I fan casted from the end of the jetty for a while using a 3/8oz Krocadile but only got one bump. I have caught and seem more big corbina, stripped bass and spotfin caught on the Kroc than on any other lure. But one thing to keep in mind is that unlike grubs, bait, etc. you may cast 100 times before you get a bite--that's real patience!

Back down the beach there was a great bite on 12-14" perch with the bite just getting better as the tide began to rise. The 1 1/2" motor oil grub with red flake, fished on a 4lb carolina rig, did the trick. Be sure to use super sharp hooks. I use #2 or #4 split shot hooks because they are so wire thin and super sharp. Dip your grub into hot sauce and you're ready to go.

I would have liked to stay all day. And I can guarantee you fishing just got better as the day went on--but I have to get back to work!


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