Friday, May 11, 2007

Orange County Surf...

I was surprised by the strong west winds that were blowing first thing this morning. No fog but a strong cool breeze.

I fished central Huntington today and was surprised and disappointed to see a stretch of red tide just offshore. At least the red tide was not widespread and hopefully will break up. Some areas like Laguna and Dana have not been so lucky and have experienced greater than normal red tide blooms.

I decided to get today's bait last evening. I took a look at the HB pier cam to see the conditions and noticed the lifeguard report said the water was 65degrees! Eventhough I knew it was only 60 I still was excited to go look for a fresh bed of crabs.

As usual, the birds were working the beach so I knew I was in the right place. Within minutes I had a great collection of crabs. The season's just beginning with many tiny crabs and other large egg laden mothers. It's the best bait available!

So I fished with the crab up the beach, walking and fan casting as I went. Bites were scarce so I tucked in close where rocks meet sand. A great eddy had been created away from the wind and big perch schooling up for shelter were mine for the taking ( catch and release, of course).

I was bit on every crab and the fish all were in the 12-13" range with one a healthy 14". After catching a handfull I was cold and weary of the fight and walked back down the beach. Now that, was a great day of fishing!

Days like this are always unusual because you have such poor conditions: red tide, murky water, wind, etc. But because the fish school and don't spread out, once you find the pocket, you're on the spot.

Tomorrow you will have some challenges with wind and water quality. My suggestion is to find areas that have cleaner water and may also be protected from wind--like in jetty or harbor areas. There's no doubt the fish are hungry and both live bait and grubs are working well.

Now's a good time to get your gear together for the surf. Take a look in my store for everything you don't already have or just for some extras. The products there are the ones I use every day and as you can see they work! Also, always feel free to send me an Email if you have any surf fishing questions or reports. We can always be reached at:

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