Thursday, July 26, 2007

Another Day in Paradise...

Today has got to be a record.

I needed to get some soft crabs for fishing this evening so I waited for the tide to be just right and went down to the beach to make bait. From my car to the crabs and back was an astonishing 7 minutes. It took just 7 minutes to get fifty perfectly soft sand crabs and be on my way. Now that's service! Thanks Mother Nature!!!

Although the surf had picked up and the wind was skipping down the beach the fish didn't care one bit.

One after another we had a fantastic bite on 12-14" barred surf perch. I lost count at 10 because I was tired from dodging the pounding surf.

The fishing has been great all along the coast and will just get better as we move into August. Look for some great tides this weekend and into next week as we have a nice morning and evening high tide. Your best bait now would be the crab--which are everywhere--fished on the Carolina rig.

This time of year I like to use the carolina rig--rigged with a clear bead and a 6lb flourocarbon leader. Leader legnth is usually 18", but I'll make it shorter and my sliding sinker heavier if the surf is a bit larger.

If you need an example of the carolina look on my website: under rigging.

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