Sunday, July 15, 2007

Road Trip to San Diego

South Carlsbad State Beach has some great surf fishing oppurtunities and very light crowds.

Had a chance this week to fish in San Diego. Perch fishing was very good with as many 8-10 inch fish as you could catch. Sand crabs were everywhere and it was good to see the billions of baby crabs that had just hatched.

Only had the luck of catching one corbina that went about 15inches. Because the water down south is so clean and clear the best time for corbina was early and just at sunset when the light was very low.

I've heard great reports that the surf fishing along our coast has improved this week. Strong offshore winds pushed water temps down as much as 6 degrees this week. But now that the Holiday crowds are gone, and the wind is calming we should have some great fishing this week.

Look for tides this next week to give us some good moring low tides--which always means good upcoming tides for corbina and the always reliable sand and rock areas.

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