Friday, August 10, 2007

Warm Water Means Good Fishin'

The ocean this morning was blown by a light southwest wind

The water temperture continues to go up and fishing seems to get better every week. Today I fished both in the moning and evening--squeezing work in between.

This week has produced some great catches in the Huntington and Newport areas. We saw it all this week with days that produced perch, corbina, spotfin, leopard sharks, yellowfin croaker and more! The best spots I found were in Bolsa Chica, near the cliffs in Huntington and between the Newport jetties. With that said, there were many area I didn't fish but everywhere is probably great!

Both sand crabs and mussel have been working great--with most of the biggest fish caught on fresh mussel.

Look for this weekend to have some great tides but be very crowded. Next week holds some promising tides that fade away near the end of the weekend.

Now's the time to get down there and catch some fish. It doesn't matter--both morning and evening are great.

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