Sunday, September 9, 2007

The past two weeks have seen some wild swings in local water tempertures. Last week the water had dropped to about 62 then rebounded to 68, just to cool off again yesterday to around 66, because of a strong West afternoon wind.

This has churned the water up and kept the temps below normal. We usually see the water cool to the mid 60 in October in part because of the shorter days. But this year it has come earlier and knocked the fish off the bite.

A brace of perch with parasites

Fishing today was good with a handfull of small barred perch, many caught on the motor oil Slider grub. Grubs are good to use to find the schools of fish and then change to crabs or mussel to target larger fish.

Another effect from the cooler water is the disappearance of sand crabs. It now takes about an hour to gather 20 crabs and each day they seem to be getting harder to find as the water cools.

But that is not always bad. Cooler water and less food means the fish will look for other bait. This time of year is good for crabs and mussel. Also, the 1 1/2inch grub begin to work well--now through spring--for perch, yellowfin croaker, hailbut and the occasional corbina.

The upcoming two weeks have some great morning and evening tides. If your thinking of catching some sand crabs before they are gone for winter--now is the time! Place a handful in a small ziplock and freeze them for winter. To give them an instant kick and you more fish--squeeze in a packet of taco sauce before freezing. I guarantee it will drive the winter perch crazy!

I've been using the Carolina Rig with 6lb flourocarbon and a very sharp split shot hook (you can find these in my store) Take a look by CLICKING HERE

Many of us lose fish or just get bites because our hook is not sharp enough. Surf fish inhale your bait, crush it, exhale your bait and repeat. To have any chance of hooking a fish while the bait is in it's mouth you'll need a very sharp, thin hook. If you've been surf fishing and you get bites but no fish this may be why.

Green Camo (left)

Motor Oil (right)

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