Friday, September 28, 2007

Today was a complete 180 from yesterday's beach conditions.

Yesterday, sunny, warm, chest to head high surf from the south. Today, fog, wind and a fading swell.

South swells over the past few days have really brought the water temperture back up. Before last week's rain the water was about 60degrees today it's 68. Warmer water has brought the sand crabs back to the surface with a vengence!

This will bring the corbina and croaker back in to feed--Although first, we will need for the trash and kelp to subside which will happen over the next few days.

Yesterday and today's fishing was slow with a handfull of perch on the sand crab and grub.

This weekend and into next week there are some great tides and a diminishing south swell. Take one last time to catch some crabs before winter and enjoy some great fall surf fishing.
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