Saturday, January 12, 2008

This week's surf fishing in Orange County was characterized by big surf and churned up seas.

Coming off last week's storm the inshore water was very much churned up and murky. The large surf and enormous amount of debris push most fish off their spots and reformed much of the beach.

On Thursday and Friday the size of the surf increased and produced a strong downhill long-shore current. But the swell which was originally from the West is now more from the Northwest and is being blocked somewhat by Palos Verdes. Areas from Newport to Cabrillo will see some large sets but also some good long lulls between waves. This will make fishing and conditions a bit better as we wait for the swell to calm down later this week.

I received a couple of great fish reports right before and as the storm was hitting last week. Up north in Santa Barbara there has been great halibut fishing on hard baits like the Lucky Craft and also on soft 5" swimtail baits.

Down here in Orange County I received a fantastic report from central Huntington Beach (at a location unknown) Mike wrote: "I changed to the Corbina Stinger and my first cast produced a nice sized Yellow Fin Croaker...guesstimated at 14". My brother was quick to cast. His retrieve was approaching the rocks when all of a sudden he swung and his rod doubled over. He hooted and his drag began to sing. The rain started to come down at a steady pace and his rod bent as he stood still waiting for the fish to turn. It was at that moment, I wished I had my camera. The fish swam out to the middle of the channel then back towards the jetty. He finally showed himself and it was a big Spot Fin. It was the same size of the one that is pictured on your web page. I switched to a green camo slider and every cast produced a fish. I used each color you recommended and they were equally deadly. We caught Yellow Fin Croaker, Spot Fin Croaker, Corbina, Barred Perch and Walleye Perch."

That's a great report that lets you know that once the conditions improve the fishing will continue to be epic!

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Looking forward to the upcoming week: We still have some good tides this week and as the swell diminishes and the wind turns offshore fishing will improve all the way through next weekend. Both plastic grubs, worms and sidewinder crabs seem to be working well using either the carolina rig or dropshot rigging.

Please send me your reports! Until then great fishing and I'll see you at the beach...

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