Saturday, January 26, 2008

The wind has been a blow'n and the waves a crash'n.

Immense runoff has muddied the waters and completely changed the beach. It looks like we may have a few more days of rain (some are saying another storm on Wednesday!) but then we should be in the clear--so to speak--and ready for some good surf fishing.

This upcoming week has some small tides but the following week looks great for good morning and evening surf fishing. There are no reports of large surf on the horizon so that bodes well for the water to clean up quickly.

All we need is a little cooperation with the weather. Remember: the beach has changed so it will be important to cover some area. Fan cast as you walk the beach--I like to use a grub with hot sauce and walk until I find biting fish. Then, if I want to change to a crab or worm I've already found the fish.

Now is also a good time at low tide to find areas that have newly uncovered rock and changes in the inshore trough. Mark them by looking back toward shore and lining them up with something. Go back at high tide and fish them--they may be the spot!

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