Saturday, February 9, 2008

Finally calm seas, small waves and fish!

The week saw a big improvement in surf fishing conditions. Now that the wind and the rain have stopped the conditions have really improved.

The water is a bit cleaner with most of the trash and flora having come ashore. As the surf has subsided it has also allowed the ocean to settle down and the water clarity to improve.

Today's fishing was much better than last week and there was no doubt the fish are hungry. Although it's a long way from great there was a good bite on 10inch perch and a handfull of 12-14inch yellowfin croaker.

One lucky fisherman just down the rocks from me hooked and landed a 10lb halibut on a 5" smelt pattern swimbait. Other guys I talked to also had luck on the open beach with a wide-open yellowfin croaker bite using ghost shrimp. All these fish were caught between 1/2 hour after high tide to 2 hours after high tide.

I used lug worms threaded up a split shot hook on the carolina rig to fish central Huntington Beach. Great tides this week and weekend due to a strong morning high tide followed by an outgoing afternoon low tide.

Look for areas where new troughs have formed or near rock formations. Fish will use these areas in winter to hide from the blowing wind and rushing surg of surf. Good baits to use this time of year include lug worms, ghost shrimp and plastic grubs with hot sauce. For more information on these baits visit my web site: and click on BAIT. You may also send me an email question to:

Good fishing and well see you at the upcoming Fred Hall Show March 5-9, 2008 !!

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