Friday, May 9, 2008

Like a blanket, fog covered the beach this week.

A scant few hours of sun beat down on the beach this week as a strong coastal eddy formed and pushed winds and swells in from the southwest.

Wow, that sounds bad.

Not that bad, really. Southwest winds, which are common for this time of year, help bring warmer southern hemisphere water up the coast. Later this weekend and into early next week we should see a small south swell that will help hasten the water warming process.

All good news for corbina hunters.

The week's surf fishing was good with a nice mix of perch, croaker, a spotted bay bass and halibut in the mix. Fished this week between Santa Ana River and Seal Beach with some luck. Although it was windy at times and overcast the swell has been small and the water clear and perfect for surf fishing.

Sand crabs have been plentiful at high tide. Early in the week, during the 1/2hour of peak high tide there were three legal halibut caught at Bolsa Chica within five minutes of each other. One was on a sand crab, one on a live smelt and one on a "ghost shrimp" pattern 3" swim bait. Near where rock meets sand we caught a nice spotted bay bass--proving that just about everything lives along Huntington Beach (including a great white!)

It makes sense that the butts are in close as we have just had a couple of grunion runs (click here to check out the grunion run schedule to plan your next halibut run). Try fishing them with a little heavier line (6-8) using a kastmaster, Krocodile, Lucky Craft, Rapalla or 3"inch swim bait right at peak high or low tide. I've noticed that halibut like to work as little as possible. When the tide is raging it is too much work for them to feed. But when the tide is slack it's easier for them to see and catch food and that's when they seem to be most active in the surf line.

This weekend offers some challenging tides but decent conditions. Next week, especially in the afternoons and evening offer some superb tides and a chance to catch some great fish. Still the corbina are not here, or biting at least, in big numbers--but just give the water a chance to warm up, once we get to 60+ we'll be in business!

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