Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wind driven rain pelted the Orange County coast this Thursday and Friday and made fishing almost impossible.

But early Saturday brought improved conditions with winds diminishing to around 8mph along the beach.

While at the same time, it's flat glassy at Catalina, just 30 miles offshore. Check out this web cam--this week has provided some good reports of White Seabass fishing: CATALINA CAM

If there was any good news from the wild weather this week--was that the winds were coming mostly from the Southwest and not from the North. This should help warm up the water and continue to bring sand up the coast to provide some new structure on the beach.

In the last few hours the swell from the Southwest has died down and yesterday's 4-6ft surf has been replaced by 2-4ft breakers.

If you're going fishing this holiday weekend watch the tides and wind conditions. Check out the live beach web cams on my site to see the wind conditions at your beach: CAM PAGE

This weekend's tides feature low morning tides with high tide in the late afternoon. This bodes well for collecting bait and doing a bit of fishing in the evening. Mornings, with some cooperation with the weather, offer some good corbina fishing with an incoming tide and hungry fish.

Starting next weekend we have some great tides and the first week of June is usually one of the best times of the year for catching corbina. Until then we'll wait for the weather to improve ( as has been promised for later this week ) knowing that fishing is bound to get better by the day!

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