Saturday, June 28, 2008

Overcast skies, light winds and small surf made this week a good one for surf fishing.

It was great to see the South swell of last week break down and be replaced by a waist high West swell that has greatly improved fishing this week.

The water temps are topping 67-72 degrees in most areas and has really turned on the fish to bite. The big story has been the halibut bite from both the beach and boat. Yesterday's report of a 48 pound halibut taken in the South Bay reminds us that there are some really big fish out there--and hopefully we won't hook them in the surf!

Back in the surf, the halibut fishing has been phenomenal. This week I've had reports, and seen with my own eyes, butts pulled in from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Although a couple were caught on dead anchovy, the largest number have been on the Lucky Craft lure. This hard bait, that skims across the bottom on retrieve, has proven itself over and over as the halibut killer this past couple of weeks.

Nice fish J.W. on the Lucky Craft!

Because this lure has been discontinued it has been hard to find at tackle shops and online. BUT GOOD NEWS!! The Lucky Craft flash minnow is coming out of retirement. Management has been convinced that the lure will sell well on the West Coast and will be reintroduce next month. I plan to carry them in my tackle store and will keep you informed when they are shipped. The new lure will come in only four styles: Zebra Sardine, Candy Sardine, Metallic Sardine and Lazer Ghost Sardine. I know they're expensive so I'll try to cut a deal to keep the price down...

Dre's SB Halibut

One last note regrading halibut fishing. The common denominator with most of these fish is where and at what tide they have been caught. All areas where fresh, salt or brackish water meets the ocean have been good. In Santa Barbara near campus point and the SB harbor, in Ventura near the Santa Clara rivermouth, Del Rey Harbor, King Harbor, San Gabriel River, Bolsa Chica, Santa Ana rivermouth, Trestles, Oceanside out-fall, Tijuana river and so on. The choice tide has been slack dead low tide and slack dead high tide. Try checking Google earth for the estuary/creek/outfall near your favorite fishing spot and get down to the beach and give'em a shot!

In addition to halibut, the corbina fishing has been very good with some real monsters caught in the surf. Yesterday's patience and a nice soft crab on the carolina rig was the trick for catching the big one. After a good ten minute fight this fish came up on shore for a picture and release. She was 26+ inches and about 7pounds--a real monster!

Congrats Rob on your first Corbina--I think you otta kiss it!

Also, don't forget about the perch. They have been tearing up the surf for months and still are going strong.
Well, this weekend and next week have some great tides, lots of available sand crabs and only a modest up-tick in the swell. Look for a great week of fishing almost every beach south of Canada!

So that's all the time I have today to be typing this blog--It's time for me to get down to the surf--I sure hope you have a chance to get down there too!

P.S. if you haven't checked out my audio report what are you waiting for? You'll find it on my front page...

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