Friday, June 20, 2008

This week started off with a bang!

Great surf fishing was reported up and down the coast early this week. But a strong south swell began to fill in on Wednesday and knocked down the fishing by week's end.

Although that was bad news in the short term, the swell helped clean up the water and raise the water temps into the 65-67 range.

Sunday and Monday's fishing this week was excellent with the yellowfin croaker in a feeding frenzy.

Because of the large waves this week, I used the carolina rig with a heavy sliding sinker and a short leader to keep on the bottom. There are plenty of sand crabs for bait and also mussel threaded on the hook works well too.

All of the yellowfin were caught on the beach. A good way to spot them is by looking for the sea birds that dive in the surfline for bait--usually they are right below them pushing the bait up.

I didn't hear of as many halibut being caught this week but once the swell calms it's sure to get good again.

Take a look at my audio fish report if you haven't already and let me know what you think and if you'd like to see a new report each week.

Well, it looks like this weekend's beach conditions will have diminishing surf, as it was smaller today, and some great morning low tides going to mid day high tide.

I like to fish these tides for corbina as they will slide up the beach from low to high tide looking for sand crabs.

Good luck down there and keep sending me your reports and pics!
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