Saturday, September 27, 2008

This week’s surf fishing can only be described as: It doesn’t get any better than this!

Fortunately, the week started off with a decrease in the South swell, light afternoon winds, clear water and great tides. The water temp has gone down a couple of degree and there is a bit of kelp in the surf but other than that the conditions seemed perfect.

I decided to go down in the evening to catch a nice high tide. Late in the season it’s best to try to catch sand crabs at the highest tide and it’s also a good time for perch and other critters that cruise the shore.

I found sand crabs in just a couple of spots on the beach. I didn’t find a lot but I did have a nice collection of different sizes. It hard to know what size the fish want and I’m always stoked when a can get a variety.

With crabs in hand I made my way to a favorite rock jetty in Newport. The days this week were perfect in the evening with light winds, mild surf and great tides.

Once on the beach I made my way to the spot and got ready to fish. I could see that the water was pushing out and around the rocks creating a nice off colored eddy. I cast out my bait and watched it as it ripped down and out around the rocks. At some point it passed between two rocks and came tight.

Wham! Fish on, what was it—oh yeah, a nice spotfin croaker.

Went four for four on the croaker with all four fish about the same size.

Then I took on the perch and caught a bunch of these.

I used the sand crab on the Carolina rig. Even near the rocks the Carolina works but it’s smart (you can see it in the picture) to fish a very light sinker 1/4th or less and if you get snagged let your line loose, then shake it loose. You’ll catch more fish and loose less gear.

Well, this next week looks like another great shot at the surf fish. Good tides this weekend, clear warm water and the last sand crabs should make for another memorable week.

This weekend and next week have some ok tides. Big mid day tides will produce some good conditions for halibut and perch fishing. This weeks' evening low tides will be a good time to collect some clams and ghost shrimp in preparation for the mild tides coming near the end of next week. Until then, good luck surf fishing and keep those reports coming--it's great to know what you catch!

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