Saturday, September 20, 2008

Thought I'd take no chances this week and cover all my bait bases. Searched for some clams and mussels, raked some fresh sand crabs, dug at low tide for sand worms and stopped by Big Fish in Seal Beach for ghost shrimp.

It was early in the morning not long after sunrise that I made it down to the beach. I found an area that looked promising and started to walk to the surf. Just across the sand was blue water and a flotilla of chovey/sardine seiners. They were busily setting their nets and the smell of chovey was in the air.

It seemed the conditions were perfect and the fishing would be epic--with one exception. The surf was head high and building, and although the wind was calm, the side-shore current was so strong that a one-ounce sinker was swept down the beach in no time.

I knew I had to find a spot that gave some protection so I moved down the beach and tucked inside one of the two jetties.

The bite on both barred and walleye perch was excellent with all the fish no bigger than 12".
Some days you can't catch the big ones but when it comes to baiting, fighting and landing perch on the rocks it can be fun and challenging. Of course, throw in some overhead sets breaking on the rocks and that will keep you on your toes too!

One thing that helps in these conditions is to have a super sharp hook. I like to use these gamakatsu thin-wire split shot hooks. If you're getting bites but not hooking fish--it's your hook. Be sure to fish with a super sharp thin wire hook and you'll catch more fish--take my word--I've learned this the hard way!

We have some good tides for the next couple weeks so as soon as the surf settles down there will be some good fishing. If you're a halibut fisherman it's still very good. I would strongly suggest to go down to the beach early and find where the bait boats are setting their nets. If it's right outside the surf like it was this week you can be sure that's where the halibut are.

Well, hopefully the waves will go down a bit in the next few days’ cause I can't wait to get out there again!

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