Saturday, December 6, 2008

This week started off and ended with clear warm skies. Small surf, that made surf fishing look promising on Monday, was over by late in the week as a big Southwest swell pounded the shore.

I took some time to collect some sidewinders knowing that this time of year they work great for the spawning perch.

I also like to use mussel now and rig it two ways. The first is by doing what everyone has done forever—clumping a wad on the hook and sending it out to sea. The other way is by finding the bigger mussel and using the lip only. I like to thread the lip up the hook just as I would do with a worm. This seems to give the bait a more natural presentation because it moves across the bottom like a worm rather than just spinning through the surf. I’ve had some good luck with it and have even caught a few halibut using that technique.

I switched off between baits, mussel, clams and sidewinder and hooked into a few nice perch. Although it was a tough week for surf fishing I was glad to have a few to pull on.

I even had some luck with one of the biggest walleye I’ve ever caught. You know it’s big for a walleye when you can lip it for the pic.

The tidal movement this week had a lot to be desired. Luckily, next week has some great tides—astronomical in fact—so that should lead to some great fishing—unless the surf’s ten foot!!!

Volunteers Needed!!
Talbert Relocation Project

Here's some great news
The State Parks have granted our volunteers free parking for the day. You just need to show a copy of the event flyer at the Magnolia/PCH entrance and you’ll save the $10.00 parking fee. The renovation of three miles of estuary along PCH from Beach Blvd. to the Santa Ana River will be completed in the spring and is guaranteed to make the Bolsa Chica to Santa Ana River corridor the best surf fishing in the State. Thank you everyone for your help!!

You can check out the flyer at our website:

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