Sunday, December 21, 2008

This week started with a washout of epic proportion. Not only was it freezing but the kelp, trash and mud that flowed downstream to the beach was unbelievable. I think most fish found a hiding place and hunkered down.

Put some bait together with clams, sidewinder crabs and a bit of gulp and gave it a shot on Saturday afternoon during the barely high-high tide. The conditions were calm and flat glassy with a small swell. Even the areas that once offered the cleanest water were murky and loaded with floating debris.

On one of my early casts I hooked into this nice barred perch using a combo of clam and sidewinder crab.

It was a long time between bites but I did have a chance to enjoy the sunset.

Just after dark the wind began to pick up pushing cold air offshore. On one of Ken’s last casts he hooked into this nice corbina using the 3inch Gulp! Camo sand worm. The Carolina rig with a 18” leader of fluorocarbon and a 3/8oz slider did the trick. After a nice fight, it was off the hook and freedom.

Got back to the car just in the nick of time to scrape off the ice and head home for a warm cocktail.

This week looks like a complete washout. Although we have some good tides coming up you'll have to find some days with light winds and small surf to out smart the fish in hiding! I'm looking forward to some time off over the holidays and a road trip that will take me fishing in the warm Pacific.

Next report will be of some colorful fish, I hope. Until then I sure hope everyone has a great holiday and even better New Year!

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