Saturday, January 10, 2009

Once the craziness of the Holidays was over it was time to jump on a plane and search for some relaxing surf fishing in Hawaii. We landed on the island and it was a pleasure to have both warm sun and water. All along the Kauai coast, especially on the north part of the island near Princeville, we found great structure for fishing both the rocks and surf.

The week didn’t produce any large fish—at least none that I actually landed—but it did produce variety and a little excitement fishing somewhere new. The surf was 3-6’ most every day and made fishing the beach a challenge.

I fished mostly using the Carolina rig on an 8.5’ spinning rod with 6lb red Stren line. When fishing near the rocks I tried to use the lightest egg sinker possible and had many less snags. My only big sang was with a floating coconut—we fought it out for a while before it gave up and sent my sinker into my forehead!

I learned from last time that cut raw shrimp made a good bait in Kauai so I loaded up with it and some Gulp! Baits (camo sandworm, penny shrimp and blood sandworm). I made my way down to several fishing holes and had some luck.

Each time I fish here I learn a bit more. Most of the tackle shops (which are in variety stores here) are still working with older equipment and some outdated techniques. Even though you sometimes think you may know more about fishing you always seem to be reminded that the Hawaiian locals are the true wizards of the sea.

Well, now that I'm back home it's time to turn my sights on this week's surf fishing. We have some astronomical tides this week that will pull over 7' of tide on and off the beach. This always presents both opportunity and challange. I like to fish these tides near peak high and peak low tide. The inbetween hours can have substantial current and even make it hard for fish to swim and eat!
This week's tides are also a good time to get down at low tide and look for some bait. You'll find the rocks exposed for collecting mussel and clams and low tide also gives you a chance to find the last beds of sand crabs along with a chance to turn over rocks to find sidewinder crabs.

Have a great time out there and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!!

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