Sunday, June 21, 2009

Slogged and waded and crossed the river into my favorite mud home to make some bait earlier this week. I knew that day, there would be no fishing as the surf from the south was pounding the coast. So I put my bait in hiding to season it and wait until Thursday to make my way down to the beach and fish.

The surf had dropped considerably, and although there was a pile of kelp in the water, I knew that it wouldn’t take long for fishing to get back to normal. I dug through my bait bucket (digging through crabs and shrimp) to find one of the razor clams I had sucked up with the Alvey yabbies slurper, pinned it on and cast out.

It wasn’t long before the perch were on the warpath. Almost immediately the perch attacked. I took cover. And landed a few.

It was time to change my hook size and put on the candy of the surf, a ghost shrimp. I had learned recently from UnReel how to make the bait even better by soaking them in cold water for several days before using them for bait. They slid on the line and as the hook puncture their carapace I new I had the freshest bait ever. (Thanks UnReel for the tip!!).
It wasn’t long and I was on. After a nice fight I pulled her up onto the beach—took a quick picture and sent her on her way.

Next bait same result.

Spent the rest of the morning catching perch and various sharks. Finally ran out of bait and time and had to move on.

But not before I spent a bit of time training my army of sting rays to seek out and destroy surfers like the idiots that keep walking up to me, giving me a dirty look and paddle (or worse) walk out right in front of me. As a guy who was taught to surf in Hermosa Beach by his dad when I was three it still amazes me how many people have no clue. Well, I guess I’ll have the last laugh when my platoon of sting rays launch their poison barbs into those kooks!!

It’s going to be great this weekend. Just get down there early to avoid the few surfers who should have stayed home!!
Next week we have some great evening high tides and some very low morning tides. I would search for bait at both tides but fish for perch in the evening while concentrating for corbina on the morning incoming tide....

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